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With such a large breadth of services available, listing everything would be near impossible!

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Home owners

Whether you are building your dream home, renovating, adding a new system to your lifestyle, upgrading your existing system or you are just tired of seven remotes on the coffee table! ,Autm8 Solutions can tailor a solution for you. We pride ourselves on delivering a proposal that meets with your needs today but also retains scope for your possible future requirements. We will always take the time to sit down with you and go through the design , exact costing and project delivery schedule.

This is the most important part of “getting it right” for you.

If you are happy we are happy.

The project will run on time and on budget.

  • Work with you on Design
  • Ensure you are happy before work comences
  • Deliver on time and CLEAN up after ourselves

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction as to how Autm8 Solutions can assist you in delivering your vision.

Autm8 Solutions is acutely aware that Architects primary concern is not speakers, keypads, lights and other such things. Although very important to a client’s ability to either see in a darkened space or hear their music clearly, these elements normally do not enhance the space you have designed. Autm8 Solutions realizes this and as such has taken the hard work out of the placement of such items by sourcing the best products to suit your’s and the client’s brief.

By using such products as the Sonance invisible series  or Sonance architectural series speakers Autm8 Solutions brings products to the table that either assist the look of the space or,better yet, simply disappear. Finally an invisible speaker with true audio clarity!

By permitting Autm8 Solutions to be part of the project and design team you are enabling us to share our up to date experience in lighting design, speaker placement and to provide aesthetically suitable technology.

  • Work with you on Design
  • Provide accurate technical specification
  • Support you through the project

You can rest assured that Autm8 Solutions understands your business requirements. We are able to provide cost effective stand out solutions to enable your projects to outshine the others.We are able to offer speedy, comprehensive results on your projects. You can be confident in the knowledge that Autm8 Solutions offer a professional and efficient range of services. Autm8 Solutions has developed a “Smart Grid ” Solution that allows you to have not only the best of today’s technology but also “future proofs” your building for things such as the National Broadband Network (NBN). The Smart Grid allows your lot owners to move in on day one with all there services already connected thus removing a massive range of headaches for you. The Smart Grid also saves you money upfront with a smarter electrical, communication and pay TV strategy to save time , money and materials whits keeping you one step ahead of the pack. With Smart grid we can even use the new owners iPad etc to be the intercom unit. It saves the cost of an ice cream bucket in every unit and makes your building smarter.

  • Deliver you a suitable system design
  • Work within your project schedules and budget
  • Create new revenue streams

As a consultant you are obviously responsible for “getting it right”. Autm8 Solutions can assist you in achieving this goal.

We enable you to progress through your project with confidence knowing that you have the backing of a skill set that not only delivers your client’s needs but endeavours to exceed their expectations. Whether it be full system design or a specific niche part of the puzzle, Autm8 Solutions offers a wide variety of Services.

  • Assist you in fulfilling the system requirements
  • Provide necessary technical documentation
  • Supply samples and equipment as required
Landscape Design Architects

Autm8 Solutions is one of a select few dealers in Australia who can proudly offer the new Sonance Landscape Series of Product. This prestigious  suite  delivers high quality directed field sound to the landscape. It is our belief that as lighting has transformed gardens at night, sound will transform them once again day or night. Music evokes feelings that sets a mood that suits your client based on their own personal selection.

We can assist from start to finish with design, supply and implementation of a complete solution for your next project and would welcome your inquiry.  Please feel free to contact us.

  • Deliver system design based on your Landscape plans
  • Work with your team or turn key the solution
  • Supply all necessary components
Trades : Sparkies, Security Tech and The AV Guy

Welcome and thank you for taking time out of your day to research the support you need to finish your latest project. Autm8 is here to help. Having been a Sparkie for 17 years I know the feeling of being snookered on a job. We take a practical best practice view and hold all relevant licences and insurances. You can rest assured the only paper work we will send you is an invoice 🙂

  • We work for YOU not the client
  • We offer support and assistance to get the cabling, installation and product selection right
  • We can supply you the weird and wonderful stuff you don’t get from your local wholesaler at competitive pricing
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