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We turns ideas in to reality. We have a history of bringing bespoke projects in on time and budget.

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Since it's inception in 2008 Autm8 Solutions has completed hundreds of projects in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Whether you require anything from a Home Theatre to a complete integrated home living experience, our team can work with you to deliver your project on budget and on time.

It all starts here. We find out your basic requirements, and start piecing together the basis of a solution.
We design a solution to meet or exceed your requirements. All documented to ensure everyone knows what to expect.
We designed it, so we can install it. Using our own Project Management and staff means we have better control over the finished result.

After sales

Of course we wouldn't still be around if we didn't stand behind our work. After sales training and support are the foundation of our long term relationships with our clients.

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With many years working on-site and behind the scenes, we have developed a wide range of services and have developed the knowledge to work with a wide array of skilled and un-skilled clients.

Home Owners
Whether you are building your dream home, renovating, adding a new system to your lifestyle, upgrading your existing system or you are just tired of seven remotes on the coffee table! Autm8 Solutions can tailor a solution for you.
Autm8 Solutions is acutely aware that Architects primary concern is not speakers, keypads, lights and other such things. Autm8 Solutions works with you to suit your’s and the client’s brief.
You can rest assured that Autm8 Solutions understands your business requirements. We are able to provide cost effective stand out solutions to enable your projects to outshine the others.
We enable you to progress through your project with confidence knowing that you have the backing of a skill set that not only delivers your client’s needs but endeavours to exceed their expectations.
Landscape Design Architects
It is our belief that as lighting has transformed gardens at night, sound will transform them once again day or night. Music evokes feelings that sets a mood that suits your client based on their own personal selection.
Autm8 is here to help. Having a Director that was a Sparkie for 17 years, we know the feeling of being snookered on a job. We take a practical best practice view and hold all relevant licences and insurances.


A small sample of our favourite projects

Sunrise project

A contemporary building surrounded by the soothing sounds of water.

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Singapore Project

An Asian inspired residence that features light, bright spaces with hidden automation.

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Danish Project

Striking architecture featured on the outside of this property, but contrasts with the hidden technology inside.

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How long does the process take?

That depends on you! We can work at whatever pace you needs. Whether your project happens tomorrow or in five years time, we have experience all the way from urgent, to long-term.

How much does all this cost?

Depending on the size of the project, we can work on hourly rates (T&E) or a fixed price model.

Obviously the size and complexity of the project will ultimately decide on the final cost.

Do you have service agreements?

We custom fit service agreements to your project.

If you require monthly servicing, we can arrange that.

If you need emergeny services in a fixed timeframe, we can also work with you.

Can you do FIFO work?

We offer availablity to all states across Australia and even in Europe. Fly in Fly Out work is always available.

Is my job too small for you?

Of course not! From little things, big things grow!

Whether you need a Blu-ray player replaced or a Sonos PLAY:1 installed, we're always happy to help.
How do I know you're able to deliver?

We understand you need your project delivered on time and on budget, so we can offer references upon request to ensure you know you are dealing with a reputable company with a history of success.

Autm8 Solutions

We can make it happen. Contact us for a consultation to achieve your goals with creativity and quality that you deserve.


Based in Sydney, Australia. Project work available across the entire country as well as Europe.


Ph: +61 408 299 796 Email:

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